Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nickelsville now on tribal land inside Discovery Park

Nickelsville has moved to tribal land! 75 tents are now up in Discovery Park, beside Daybreak Star Cultural Center on land that belongs to the United Indians of All Tribes.

Nickels was threatening to fine the state $150 a day for violation of land use codes if they allowed us to stay any longer on state land. Now that we are on Indian land, will he threaten the United Indians of All Tribes, or the federal government? Stay tuned...

Personally, I've had a sore throat/chest cold since Saturday, so I haven't camped out in the parking lot yet. I was out at the parking-lot site briefly today, then went back home to bed.

Seattle Raging Grannies had been planning to do a performance down at Nickelsville tonight, and I'd printed up song sheets; then we decided that the Nickelodeons seemed busy, and it might be best to come back after they were settled in the new site. Since I wasn't able to speak more than two sentences without my throat seizing up, I was actually relieved that I didn't have to sing. I gave out the song sheets to Nickelodeons, I'll print up more later.

I got up a couple hours ago; the news started posting to Google about 11. I have a WHEEL meeting at 10 AM; I'll find out more then.

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